We were walking but you fell (2015)

Description:  An experiment in formalism and dramaturgy by Crossman Dans(c)e; each dancer worked separately with Crossman and for only 6 hours. Sections were then assembled in a formal yet random manner to create a collage of solos for ten performers and a duet.
Performers:  Christina Amendolia, Christiana Axelsen, Lisa Boudreau, Sumi Clements, Jason Collins, Sarah Haarmann, Anne Lentz, Benny Olk, Logan Pedon, Pam Tanowitz, Melissa Toogood, Brandon Washington
Music composition:  John Glover, Jesse Stiles
Premiered: 92nd Street Y: Fridays at Noon, June 5, 2015 / The Making of our Dance Future at the 92nd street Y
Presented by: 92nd Street Y: Fridays at Noon